Feature List

Here you can find all the new features we have implemented in Engine Poker™. This page also includes improvements and bug fixes made in each version.


Feature Player system notifications inbox. Any system notifications go into the players inbox for them to read and check at any time.

Feature In-Game Ads In-Game notifications and ads. You can promote tables, tournaments or seasons via a notification that will popup when a player logs in.

Feature Tables can be locked to a Level. Players must be at that level or higher to play.

Feature Levels Added Levels. Players win level points based on how many players they beat in a hand.

Feature Seasons Added Season functionality. Seasons can be configured to start and end at a specific time. Players win Season rewards. Seasons are a heads-up battle against another player.


Improvement Added graphic caching for improved performance (HTML5 version only)

Feature Hi-Lo Mini Game Hi-Log mini game (Unity 3D version)

Feature Rake Fee Configurable Rake Fee for any table or multi-table tournament

Feature Bots Artificially intelligent bots. Bots can be enabled or disabled for any table or multi-table tournament

Feature Voice Chat Player Voice Chat. Players can chat on any table by talking into their phone (Unity 3D version only for iOS and Android)


Feature Daily Award Configurable Daily chip award. If player logs in for the first time for the day they are awarded chips.

Feature Second Currency Added second currency type (gold, diamonds, gems etc). Currency can be purchased or earned as a reward in Seasons or Multi-table tournaments. Currency can also be used to purchase chips. All features of second currency are configurable.

Feature Clubs can create Multi-table tournaments

Feature Game Replay Instant replay feature. Watch a replay of any hand (HTML5 version)

Feature History Logging Full game history is stored of every hand and every transaction


Feature REST API REST API, can be used to control any part of the game. Easily expandable.

Feature Security Can now configure IP banning and lock IP to single user

Improvement Enhanced graphic effects on poker table (Unity 3D version)

Feature Club Players can cashout their Club Chips with the Club Admin or Club Managers

Feature Clubs Players can create or join Clubs. Clubs require players use Club Chips to play in Club games. Club chips can only be given to Players by Club Admin or Club Manager.


Feature Players country flag is show throughout the game

Feature Players country is recorded and language is automatically select. Players can choose their language preference.

Feature Emoticons Players can apply an emoticon to their player on a table

Feature Localisation Localisation, you can now apply any language by supplying a language file

Feature Transfer Chips Players can send chips to other players

Improvement Chips on the table appear as correct stacks of chips to match amounts (HTML5 version)

Feature Payment Gateways Added Stripe, PayPal and Facebook payments gateways (HTML5 version only)

Feature Push Notifications Push notifications to mobile devices using (Unity 3D version only)

Feature HTML5 HTML5 version using Adobe Animate with interfaces for Desktop and Mobile


Feature Use Facebook profile picture as avatar

Feature Facebook Login with Facebook

Feature Add friends and invite friends to play via Facebook

Feature Tournament Scheduling Multi-table tournaments can run on schedules (once, once a day, once a week, once a month, once every 3 months, once a year, rolling start)


Feature Dealer Voice Dealer announces game play

Feature Blind Structure Configurable blind structure for multi-table tournaments

Feature Payout Structure Configurable payout structure for multi-table tournaments

Feature Multi-Table Tournaments Multi-table tournaments with unlimited tables per tournament


Feature Bitcoin Bitcoin payouts to players for Real Money version using Coinbase.com

Feature Unity 3D iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux and WebGL game interface using Unity 3D


Feature Back-Office Back-Office to manage entire system. Create tables, tournaments and give chips to players and much more.

• Configure every aspect of the game
• Report on any part of the game
• Add administrators
• Add agents
• Watch replay of any hand
• View players data and transaction record
• Approve cashout requests

Feature Hand Rank Meter Hand rank meter and hand evaluator


Feature Sockets Node.js and Socket.io implimentation for all game interfaces

Feature SSL Security SSL Security

Feature Chat Chat on tables using keyboard input


Feature Avatars Players can change their avatar

Feature In-App Purchases In-App Chip Purchases

Feature Texas Hold'em Poker Texas Hold'em for iPhone and iPad